About Us

Florist Surgical Mfg., a new company in the medical business, was established in early 2017 by family with major expertise in the production of dental instruments & dental implant instruments. We are expanding our business internationally.

The company still hold to the tradition of handcraft instruments, with the latest technology of CNC machines.  The Company derived the attentive selection of raw materials, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and silicon are in important production process. Florist Surgical Mfg. has been working in the local market of Pakistan, consulting with the doctors to make the fine adjustments in the instruments according to the constant change in the market.


Our Vision

To make the Florist Surgical leading medical instrument provider by providing refined instruments to our consumers.    


Our Mission

To provide the “Instruments in Refinement” to the doctors around the world for their respected variation, in a way to benefit our stakeholder.